Solar Movable Light Tower - PSLT-600

Product Details

Make the most of our Portable Solar Tower Flood Light which operate during day by getting energy from the Sun and at night via the special Trailer mounted Photovoltaic Solar Powered batteries which come with a one year warranty. The tower lights are best used at remote areas, camp sites, special events, construction sites, crime spots and investigation sites, military areas and the likes. This is an ideal choice for many industries considering the unmatched benefits like zero noise, zero fuel cost, no maintenance like lamp/oil/filter change nor any nauseating smell of diesel for the bystanders.

Detail of Solar Inverter

Standard: Shall meet / conform to the requirements of latest applicable IS or its equivalent international standards wherever applicable.

Solar Photovoltaic Module/Panel

  • Material: Crystalline Silicon
  • Make of Solar Module:Any Reputed Make
  • Rated power in watt: 325Wp
  • Number of Panel used: 3 no’s (with Sliding type arrangement for easy transportation)


  • Make :Exide/HBL/Relicell/Southern Battery / Equivalent
  • Capacity/ Rating:150Ah X 4
  • Volt:12V
  • Type of Battery:VRLA
  • Standards:Should conform to the latest BIS/ International standards.


  • Full Steel frame Trailer
  • Design for stable transport in rough terrain
  • Number of Luminaries that can be mounted : 4
  • Lockable Battery Box/Cabinet
  • Accessory Box for keeping Luminaries and other items during transit
  • Height of the Mast:6 Mts
  • No. of section in telescopic tower:5
  • Point outrigger stance will be suitable to withstand 150 kmph wind speed
  • Pneumatic tyre As per manufacturer standard