Product Details

PV Module : 40 Wp under STC.

Battery :  Minimum 160 Wh Lithium Ferro phosphate battery

Light Source:  White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) 7 Watt (Max.), W-LED luminaire, dispersed beam, soothing to eyes with the use of proper optics and diffuser.

Light Out put : Minimum 16 Lux when measured at the periphery of 4 meter diameter from a height of 4 meter.

Mounting of light :  Pole mounted, Minimum 4 meters above the ground level

Electronics Efficiency:  85% .

Duty Cycle : Dusk to dawn. 



-Integrated Solar panel, LED light, PIR motion sensor, Li-ion battery and high efficiency solar charge controller

-PIR Sensor adjusts LED brightness on sensing motion (10m range)

-LEDs dim to 1/3 intensity after 30 Second. of detecting no motion

-Automatic dusk to dawn operation & Solar panel dirty indication

-Microcontroller based design enables intelligent and efficient working

-Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer product life and is completely maintenance free

-GREEN & RED LEDs for indicating battery charging / fault